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Nerdy college student Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) has survived the plague that has turned mankind into flesh-devouring zombies because he’s scared of just about everything. Gun-toting, Twinkie-loving Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) has no fears. Together, they are about to stare down their most horrifying challenge yet: each other’s company. Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin co-star in this double-hitting, head-smashing comedy.
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Zombieland - wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre, Zombieland es una comedia estadounidense de zombis escrita por paul wernick y rhett reese, y dirigida por ruben fleischer. fue producida por columbia pictures. Zombieland – wikipedia, Zombieland ist eine us-amerikanische filmkomödie aus dem jahr 2009. regie führte ruben fleischer; rhett reese und paul wernick schrieben das drehbuch.. Zombieland blu-ray, Zombieland blu-ray (2009): starring jesse eisenberg, woody harrelson and emma stone. two men have found a way to survive a world overrun by zombies. columbus is a big.

Zombieland rules – zombieland rules , In zombieland, columbus 32 rules live , fraction . dig deeper uncover .. http://www.zombielandrules.com/ Zombieland (tv movie 2013) - imdb, Directed eli craig. kirk ward, tyler ross, maiara walsh, izabela vidovic. survivors killin' zombies searching place call home. . http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2090440/ All zombieland rules - zombielandrules., There' handful rules shown zombieland movie ' dying find rest. check page full list.. http://www.zombielandrules.com/all-zombieland-rules/

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Let me start off by saying that I’m a huge zombie fan. Whether they’re Romero’s slow-moving shamblers or the fast-moving runners from Return of the Living Dead / 28 Days Later, I will give any zombie movie a try. Enter Zombieland, which when I heard about it, I instantly thought of that direct-to-DVD drivel you see on the rental store shelf that can barely pass as a B-movie. After watching the trailer however, I was genuinely intrigued. Luckily, my friend managed to get her hands on a few preview passes and what I saw was one of the most fun and enjoyable movies I’ve seen in years.

I’ll say it now: This movie is NOT scary. If you go in expecting scares and frights, you’re in the wrong place. While there’s the occasional “boo” scare, Zombieland is a horror-comedy in the vein of Evil Dead II, The Return of the Living Dead, Shaun of the Dead, etc. As a matter of fact, the director was inspired by Shaun of the Dead to make Zombieland. The horror-comedy mixture is is a very hard thing to pull off, but this movie does it pretty well, leaning more towards the comedy.

The cast is great, with Woody Harrelson being the stand out. He is such a great tough guy and delivers some truly great one-liners that it brings back memories of his Natural Born Killers days. Jesse Eisenberg is the “goofy dorky guy” that keeps popping up in movies these days. He does a good job, but is nearly indistinguishable from someone like Michael Cera, who plays the exact same role every time. I liked this guy better because frankly I’m sick of seeing Michael Cera these days. Emma Stone (aka Jules from Superbad) plays a good tough girl and looks exactly like she did in Superbad, which isn’t a bad thing. Abigail Breslin is fine, but she felt slightly out of place. There’s also a bigger-than-a-cameo role by one of the funniest actors of all-time, but I don’t want to spoil it here. Trust me, it’s hysterical.

That’s about it for the cast, except for the zombies themselves, which are very well done. They’re gross, gooey, and vicious and the make-up and special effects look fantastic, especially now in the age of CGI crap. The movie does not skimp on the gore, so be prepared for a healthy serving of blood, guts, and zombie bites. The post-apocalyptic scenery looks amazing and really pulls you into the film. Zombie fans, you will not be disappointed.

The comedy is executed quite well. While whether something is funny depends purely on personal taste (pun intended), I think this movie balances gross-out humor, sight gags, witty banter, black comedy and plain-old “Number 2” jokes perfectly. One of the funniest bits is when Woody Harrelson’s character rides a roller coaster while simultaneously wielding a shotgun and shoots zombies that follow him around the track. It was clever and a blast to watch. Think of your favorite comedy; Zombieland is probably not as funny as that, but it will definitely make you laugh. It’s not the funniest movie ever, but it does an admirable job.

Other than that, I can’t think of anything else to say. I have minor nitpicks, but most of them are standard horror clichés that didn’t really take away from my enjoyment of the film itself. Do yourself a favor and check this one out, it’s a great horror-comedy.

Rating: 5 / 5

Right from the start Zombieland is in your face. The opening sequence alone is just great and recalls Max Brooks’ The Zombie Survival Guide. Also, it doesn’t try to copy Romero’s Dawn of the Dead or any of the other countless zombie movies.

It’s a very direct film that doesn’t waste time with needless character buildup, that would only slow the pacing. Characterization is achieved in between humor and action sequences and that approach works well.

Zombieland starts by introducing the overly cautious and neurotic, Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) who reminds me of Woody Allen back in Allen classic comedy films of the 70’s.

Columbus is the quiet geeky guy who probably spent his high school years over thinking every detail and was quite possibly bullied by jocks. Now in a zombie infested world, he is forced to become more manly and athletic when taking on the undead.

Then there’s Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) who is the gung ho bad ass. I think every zombie movie needs a Tallahassee type because they are so much fun to watch. Harrelson really steals the show in Zombieland. I don’t think I’ve seen him this good since Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers. He looks like he could have fun in any situation in life pre or post zombie infected. I like the scene where Tallahassee is standing next to a bright yellow Hummer and just randomly firing a machine gun.

Next up are the manipulating sisters, Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) and Wichita (Emma Stone) who are both cute and annoying. I was annoyed with their characters at first and as their characters developed they became a little more tolerable. You also need sisters like this in a post zombie world because they will keep you on your toes. They are fun in their own ways and have both survived tough times together. Their strong bond makes them believable and you accept them for who they are.

With all the wonder characters and backgrounds aside, this is really about killing zombies. Who doesn’t want to roam America’s highways shooting zombies?

It’s the ultimate road movie, as the four travel together and fight hundreds of zombies along the way.

As much fun as that is, the ending sequence at the amusement park, cranks up the fun a lot higher. The combination of rides, amusement park games, and shooting zombies is very entertaining.

Director Ruben Fleischer does a tremendous job directing action in the last half of Zombieland.

That’s what these movies are all about to me. The cheap thrills of just going for it and taking out all that pent up aggressive shooting, stabbing, running over, hammering, and beating the undead any way you can.

Overall Zombieland is a lot of fun and a good way to kick off this Halloween season. I hope more horror movies come out this good in Halloween.

Some of my favorite Zombie movies are Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Zombi 2, Undead, Shaun of the Dead, Return of the Living Dead, Cemetery Man, Tokyo Zombie, Braindead, and The Dead Pit.

Zombieland deserves its place in the upper echelon of the Zombie movie canon.

Rating: 5 / 5

“Zombieland”, the new film starring Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin as four of the few remaining humans living on planet Earth, is one of those movies that almost looks too good when you are watching the trailer. The Coming Attractions make you laugh and laugh and you suspect all of the funny bits were included to get some butts into seats. After watching the trailer, I feared the film would be a let down. There is no way it could live up to this two-minute clip reel.

Happily, I was wrong.

“Zombieland” begins with Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) giving us a brief recap of what has happened to this point. Short story even shorter, zombies have overrun the planet. As Columbus is one of the few remaining humans, he has developed a list of rules he uses to survive. He quickly recites the rules, such as “#7 Avoid Public Bathrooms”, the rule appearing onscreen in large block letters as we watch a vignette illustrating the same rule (Mike White in an amusing cameo). We also learn that he is on his own and trying to get home, living on the hope that someone in his family might still be human. He quickly meets Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) when his Escalade complete with a modified cowcatcher careens through a freeway of abandoned cars, almost hitting Columbus. The two men learn they have very different purposes in life. Columbus just wants to stay alive and Tallahassee is searching for Twinkies. He simply wants to find as many Twinkies as he can, the golden snack cake, his favorite treat. The next day, they enter an abandoned supermarket and meet Witchita and Little Rock (Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin, respectively) two sisters who are trying to survive. Because they are all loners, they decide to try to remain as impersonal as possible and refer to each other by the name of their hometowns. They decide to work together and make their way to the West Coast. Along the way, they make two more very memorable stops. They also kill a lot of the zombies standing in their way.

I almost get the feeling that someone involved with this film turned on a stopwatch and mandated everything had to keep moving and the film would nor run more than 90 minutes. Generally, I sort of revel in films that allow the characters to grow and breath, provided they actually grow and breath, but “Zombieland” keeps things moving and the film benefits from this extremely fast pace. It moves so fast it doesn’t have time to make mistakes, to seem slow and boring. Because everything keeps moving, you feel like you have experienced a fuller, longer, more fleshed out film.

As soon as we meet Columbus, we are thrust into the middle of this landscape, this story, we meet these characters. The film doesn’t waste time setting everything up, explaining what has been happening. We learn this later, through some remembrances and as illustrations to some of Columbus’ rules.

Because the film starts with these rules, we immediately learn two things about the story. First, zombies are running amuck. Second, Columbus is the type of guy who would be very comfortable making lists of rules. Later, we learn a little about Columbus’ last and first experience with a girl and this also helps to illustrate why he is the type of guy who would go around making rules, lists, things to keep his life running smoothly and efficiently, to keep some order in his life.

But Columbus has learned to adapt to the new world order and has become quite adept at survival. He has learned how to shoot a gun, and what to do with it (related to one of his rules) and has learned how to keep a few steps ahead of the marauding zombies.

When he comes across Tallahassee (Harrelson), the two couldn’t be more different. But this also makes them a good pair. Tallahassee is amused by Columbus and willing to give him a few pointers. And Tallahassee is so different from Columbus, the young man likes the dichotomy.

And Tallahassee’s quest, to find as many of the remaining Twinkies left on the planet is amusing and continues to provide comic relief as his search becomes more and more desperate.

Emma Stone (“Superbad”, “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past”) and Abigail Breslin play the two sisters who will do anything they can to stay alive and stay together. Initially, they are reluctant to open up to the two men, but they quickly realize they need their help and can provide something to the group. Wichita also realizes Columbus is extremely interested in her, constantly flirting, and she enjoys the attention.

As they make their way across the US, they decide to make a funny, and very memorable pit stop leading to an incredibly funny extended cameo by a well-known comedian.

“Zombieland” is a lot of fun and plays like a roller coaster ride filled with laughs and chills and thrills.
Rating: 4 / 5

It’s rare to see a movie extolling the virtues of a post-apocalyptic world, let alone finding humor in it, but Zombieland manages to wring laughs aplenty out of its premise without holding back on the blood-soaked carnage you’d expect from a film that pits the remnant of humanity against an army of the undead. Taking place in a land once known as the United States but now completely overrun with virus-ridden flesh-eaters (not really zombies per se, but whatever), it manages to mine humor from mundane aspects of post apocalyptic living that most such films gloss over, like the tortuous search for a Twinkie in a deserted landscape or the new newfound freedom to stroll into the Hollywood palace of a super-secret famous guest star. Like 28 Days Later, it becomes as much about the dynamics of mismatched strangers thrown together by the need for safety in numbers as about the zombie menace itself, but it manages to get a lot more laughs and some legitimately memorable action sequences out of the premise. It’s actually fitting that the final act plays out in an amusement park, as the whole movie is a virtual amusement park ride, albeit one where the dangers lurking around the corner are very real.

It becomes apparently pretty quickly that Zombieland isn’t a movie to be taken too seriously, but instead is out to pummel viewers with its sheer volume of jokes, action, and various other stimuli. This movie doesn’t just break the fourth wall–it pounds it into dust, cramming its brief running time with flashbacks, cutaways, one protagonists’s incessant (and occasionally unnecessary) voice-over narration adding color to the proceedings, and his various rules for surviving the apocalypse popping up on screen throughout to frequently hilarious effect. The movie’s rampant winks and nods are symptomatic of its generally excessive nature, but the filmmakers seem aware that if you’re going to make an excessive movie, you might as well go ahead and make an extremely excessive movie. In that spirit, Zombieland is over the top in every way possible, especially in its periodic outbreaks of gratuitous destruction and cartoonish ultraviolence, but it does manage to stop the carnage just long enough to admit a few moments of genuine warmth and relationship building among its small cast. The movie wears a lot of hats, functioning as sort of a post-apocalyptic-coming-of-age-action-horror-buddy-comedy, and it wears all of them competently and a few brilliantly. Here are just a few of the pleasures on display:

–Woody Harrelson in the role he was seemingly born to play as Tallahassee (named for where he’s headed), a swaggering, wisecracking redneck zombie-killing machine who’s responsible for a disproportionate share of both the film’s laughs and its zombie executions;

–Jesse Eisenberg as the perfect foil in the form of Columbus, a nervous loner whose multiple phobias have kept him uninfected amidst the chaos and whose narration provides the film with much of the thematic depth it manages to muster;

–A killer soundtrack led by perhaps the finest use of Metallica in film history (the opening montage set to For Whom the Bell Tolls is about three exits past awesome);

–Emma Stone (aka Jules from Superbad) making the leap from attractive to ridiculously hot in a spectacular fashion, plus Abigail Breslin (aka Little Miss Sunshine) graduating to a moderately adult role as Stone’s sister and literal partner in crime;

–The concluding action set piece to end all concluding action set pieces, complete with slapstick, dry cool wit, personal growth, and of course lots of highly imaginative zombie killing.

Overall, unless you lean heavily to the pretentious side, it’s pretty tough to find fault with Zombieland. It’s the sort of legitimately funny comedic hybrid that seems to be in increasingly short supply these days (with a little bit of emotion thrown in for those who like that stuff), and it’s over well before it wears out its welcome. If you’re expecting something in the vein of George A. Romero’s work you may come away disappointed, but those looking for a more postmodern approach to the zombie genre should find this film almost as enjoyable as the justly reversed Shaun of the Dead.

Rating: 4 / 5

Zombieland is a movie that is constantly juggled around my top 5 favorite film list. It did amazing things for its genre and justified zombie movies for the future. It even had a top secret cameo in spirit of being one of those great movies that actually suprise you and do not litter the spoilers in the trailer. Cloverfield was one such film that I support for its secrecy, and Zombieland follows in those brilliant footsteps. Hopefully more filmmakers will realize how rewarding it is for moviegoers to be genuinely suprised these days.

It’s hard to cram all the good praise about this film into a couple short paragraphs. It’s an amazing film, beside all of its hilarious jokes. The rules of Zombieland take a worthy stab at bad horror filmmakers and demand reality within these cliches. Things like “buckling your seatbelts” and “check the backseat” are not stupid jokes. These are brilliant criticisms of bad zombie stories. We laugh because it’s so true how lacking this genre is of some sort of reality. Zombieland created the reality with the rules.

The comedy exceeds beyond one’s expectations of a comedy. It is all due to excellent writing and acting. There’s barely any slapstick and an absence of cheap gross humor or fart jokes. Zombieland, although it may not seem so, is all about wit and performance humor. Woody Harrelson gives a shockingly great performance in this film, as does Jesse Eisenberg. The writers of this film are intelligent individuals with their hearts attached to their work. I know this because they built so much great comedy in the script, while also maintaining a general emotion level during the film. One part of the flick nearly made me cry, before they softened me right back up again with an appropriate joke for the moment. In the commentary they stated how proud they were that they could generate an emotional scene and then non-abrubtly ease the scene into a hilarious moment. I am proud as well, and have the utmost respect for the writer and director.

I have to stop going on, because I could rave about it all day. The editing, the stylized action…I love everything about Zombieland. I believe some people disagree with all the hype, because the film seems to be made for my generation. I don’t believe that middle-aged to older folks will enjoy this film. It is a film that appeals to geeks and nerds, and it is our general consensus that the film straight rocks. On my last note, it makes a great blu-ray. The picture is awesome and the extras are all watchable. Picking up this blu-ray will give you something in your collection that has more replay value than most films out there today.
Rating: 5 / 5

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